The Ethics of Corporate Elites

Dedicated to my Parents

This site is dedicated to establishing my right to the name given me by my parents in memory of ancestors remembered for their honesty and righteousness.

  Sassoon Saleem Sassoon

My mother and father lived their lives righteously, giving all around them the respect and love each of us hopes for. They poured out their love for me every single day.

Now, both are gone. They died bewildered and afraid at the injustice done to me and to their name in the country they came to view as their home. Every night I pray for them. Every New Years Eve I light a candle in memory. Every Holy Day I remember their voices, now silent, but which still live in my mind and heart.

"When will there be justice?" my father would ask. "How can that man take our name?" my mother would cry. Their support remains alive, warming me, keeping me going.

This site is for the two of you, Ezekial Elias Sassoon and Hannah Khartoum David Sassoon. There will be justice. I, your son, Sassoon Saleem Sassoon, promise this with to the last breath of my body.


                   Ezekiel Elias Sassoon                       Hannah Khartoum David Sassoon
                Sassoon Saleem Sassoon's Father                                                 Sassoon Saleem Sassoon's Mother