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The Phony Vidal Balinsky

Jack Sason and Rebecca Balinsky Marriage Record

It is hard to read the record below but what is says is this.  Marriage solemnized at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in the District of Paddington in the County of London.  The couple were married on February 8, 1928.  In January Rebecca had given birth to a son, Vidal.   Vidal had one sibling, born later.  The marriage broke up soon afterward and both children were consigned by their mother to the Hebrew Orphanage near where Rebecca lives.  Eventually, she was able to reclaim her sons.  

By English law Vidal's legal name at birth was Vidal Balinsky.  According to Marcus Scriven, a journalist in London, the law in force then remains unchanged today.  Marcus is well-known for his book, "Splendour and Squalor : The Disgrace and Disintegration of Three Aristocratic Dynasties,"  which chronicles the story of the three most debauched and infamous families in the English aristocracy.   To change a name in England requires action by the court.  No such action was taken by Vidal at any time.  Therefore, his name remains legally in his native country, Vidal Balinsky.